Monday, October 26, 2009

~*Inspiring the Uninspired*~

I am finally back with my second post after relaunching my comeback to the blogging world. I know i've broken my promise on posting at least an entry per week but as expected, i am just too lazy to update it as i prefer watching some TV series such as The Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, 90210, Desperate Housewives, Cougar Town, Gossip Girl and not forgetting Project Runway too. For the past few weeks, I had numerous fun outings with some of my buddies when they were back in Penang during their holidays and we tried something which we had never done before, i.e. going to the Fish Spa, taking a tram around Botanical Garden and the usual activities which includes food hunting and gossiping about all the juicy dramas (sadly i'm a cast in one of the many dramas we talked about). There's just one thing left that we have yet to try and as someone has promised, we shall try it together in December while another bestie of mine is just so eager to try it almost!! I guess desperation has finally caught up with's either gonna be sooner or later, right peeps?

November is the month i'm very much looking forward to as there will be a whole lot of singers who will be releasing their new album on that particular month such as Lady GaGa (The Fame Monster), Rihanna (Rated R), Carrie Underwood (Play On), Leona Lewis (Echo), Britney Spears (The Singles Collection), Kris Allen (Kris Allen), Adam Lambert (For Your Entertainment), Sugababes (Sweet 7), John Mayer (Battle Studies), Timbaland (Shock Value II), Jay Sean (All or Nothing), Justin Bieber (My World), Susan Boyle (I Dreamed A Dream) and a few others. I don't think i can ever live without music as it is my greatest source of inspiration!! Don't you music lovers agree with me?? However, there are certain people who could indeed live their life without the existence could one live without music in their life?? There is a major difference between music in the olden days and music nowadays. It shows how music has changed and developed throughout time. People of the older generation would think that today's music are pure junk and that music nowadays are not the same like those in the olden days. Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder are to them the truly talented and legendary singers. Well, people have different taste when it comes to music and we should respect what people like even if it's completely different from what we the saying goes, "one person's trash is another's treasure"..

Anyway, talking about the passion for music, who doesn't love parodies? I've seen lots and lots of parodies on YouTube but the parody of Britney Spears' latest smash hit, 3, is currently on the top of my list now. The fake Britney is so hilarious along with two of his friends (i personally think that he should have shaved his armpit before shooting the video) and just for your information, the guy at 0:21 to 0:28 is the director of the video. You can watch it below as i've already embedded it into my blog.. =) =)

That's all for now...shall update this blog again when i feel like doing so. Until then, take care and have fun always!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

~*Back to the World of Blogging*~

Hey peeps, so i finally decided to revamped this blog again after abandoning it for centuries. As i have probably told you guys that i have given up on blogging but after much consideration, i feel that i should give it another try (which will be the last). If at any point of time i lost interest in blogging once again, than it is the end of this blog and the entire blog will be deleted once and for all. The reason for not updating this particular blog of mine include a whole lot of reasons such as laziness, busyness and more importantly, there's nothing interesting to blog about. However, i promised you all that i will have at least one post every single week (fingers crossed). If there isn't anything interesting to blog about, i am still gonna update this blog by posting a music or movie review which i know is kinda boring to some of you out there, right?

Anyway, the first post after the revampification of this blog is dedicated to the one and only Beyoncé Knowles which will be holding her first ever concert in Malaysia despite the nonsensical protests from one of the extremely "religious" party (wtf is wrong with them??). So, Beyoncé has once again decided to make Malaysia one of the destination for her highly acclaimed 'I Am… Tour' two years after canceling her second concert tour which is called 'The Beyoncé Experience' due to protesters threatening to disrupt the concert because of her sexy image and clothing. Frankly speaking, i have never been a hardcore fan of Beyoncé until after the released of her 'I Am… Sasha Fierce' album. Without hesitation and further thinking, i have decided to attend this once in a lifetime concert which will be held on the 25th of October at Bukit Jalil National Stadium along with two of my besties who have yet to confirm whether they wanna join me or not. I will most probably be buying the RM383 or RM283 ticket as i wanna have a closer and clearer view of the gorgeous Beyoncé. I just can't wait to catch her live as i have been repeatedly listening to her music ever since her 'I Am… Sasha Fierce' album was released late last year. Never have i been so obsessed with another singer or artiste since Gwen Stefani and yes, i am still very much obsessed with Gwen as i have always been!!

Below are the official poster of The Beyonce “I am…..”World Tour Live in Malaysia 2009 and the seating map of the venue of her concert.

That's all for now...i'm gonna keep this post short and simple. I shall definitely keep up to my promise on one post per week. Until then, take care and have fun always!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Monday, August 25, 2008

~*An Emotional Feeling*~

I've been crying (literally) since yesterday...i don't know what's happening to me. All of a sudden after taking some photographs of my surrounding neighbourhood, i just could not hold back any longer and burst into tears. Yup, you read right...i was teary-eyed in front of my housemates and they even needed to console me. You guys must be wondering why i cried right? Well, to be honest, i really really really miss Newcastle...especially my cosy and memory-filled bedroom where i've been sleeping throughout all these while i'm here. Gosh, how fast time flies by...i know this is kinda contradicting with my previous posts whereby i'm so eager to return to my beloved country. That was then...but now, i am in a serious depression mode. I guess i took things for granted and i regretted that i did not appreciate this place as much as i should be doing. Could you actually believe that I took like nearly 50 pictures of my flat alone...from my room, to the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, my housemates room and not forgetting the storeroom too. I am really gonna miss my flat and my room very very much. Just when i thought i am FINALLY getting used to the environment here in UK, i have to return to the original environment of the place where i belong to. After being surrounded by white people for such a long time, i will definitely take some time getting used to the environment and lifestyle back in Malaysia.

I was actually so happy that i could finally go back to Malaysia and then all of a sudden i'm being strucked by this emotional feeling. Could someone please explain this matter to me? Why am i feeling extremely sad to leave this place? I know i could probably return to Newcastle again in the future but then i don't think i will be able to stay in my current flat and especially my room anymore...that's a horrible feeling. I know some of you will say that life goes on and etc...but to really understand me, one must actually feel what i'm feeling right now. Usually when i am in a solemn mood, listening to my favourite songs will help to cheer me up. But now, i don't even have the mood to listen to any songs at all...all i keep doing is to look out of my bedroom window and think non-stop about my life in UK. It's like a total flashback of memories one after another...and the more i think, the more emotional i will be. Oh well, let me end here...i wanna continue crying...

P.S. Let me list down 10 things i will miss most in UK:-

1) The flat i am currently staying at (including my bedroom)
2) The amount of eye-candies (a paradise i shall said)
3) My housemates and my friends from different parts of the world
4) Some of my lecturers, especially Ms. Carrie McCullock (my ASK class lecturer)
5) The university 24 hours computer area where i frequently visit
5) The chinese restaurant in Chinatown called 'Ting Ting' (i HEART the chef's cooking)
6) The nightlife here in Newcastle (i MISS clubbing in UK)
7) Speaking in a Geordie (North England) accent so that the locals will understand what i am trying to say
8) Northumberland Street (similar to Oxford Street in London) and Morrisons supermarket (where i always do my grocery shopping)
9) Learning to be more independent by cooking for myself, washing the dirty plates and cutleries after dinner, doing my laundry, vacuuming my bedroom floor, clearing the mess and et cetera
10) Staring out of my bedroom window to look at people and whenever i need inspiration


Saturday, August 9, 2008

~*Birthday Wishes For My Friend*~

This post is specially dedicated to one of my best friend, Jimmy..

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;

I hope all of your wishes come true.

May each hour and minute be filled with delight,

And your birthday be perfect for you!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

~*A Little Bit of Everything*~

I haven't been updating my blog for 5 days...perhaps i needed a little break from the blogging world after posting up so many pictures of my recent holiday trip. Anyway, yesterday had been a fun day for me...i went to watched Batman: The Dark Knight with one of my closest housemate (now ex-housemate), her boyfriend and another current housemate's grandaunty. Before watching the movie, we had dim sum at a restaurant in Chinatown...we ordered a few dim sum dishes and a large plate of Singapore style fried beehoon to be shared among four of us. After lunch, we managed to catch the 2.30pm screening of The Dark Knight. By the time we arrived at the cinema, it was already packed with people...thankfully we managed to find a suitable place to fit four of us with an excellent view of the screen...for your information, the cinemas here in UK are free sitting and you can sit anywhere you desire if you are one of the early birds. In my opinion, it's definitely a great thing to have free sittings in cinemas. If you are early, you can choose the best sitting location and if you are late, that's too bad for you...well, that seems very fair, ain't it??

Batman: The Dark Knight is definitely one of the best movies i have seen this year and for a very long wonder it's getting excellent reviews from mostly everyone. Although, i totally heart Christian Bale, his performance as Batman was just good...nothing spectacular as opposed to the late Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. Heath Ledger played the character of the Joker so well...indeed, an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor should be presented to him for his portrayal as the Joker. And of course since he won't be able to collect the award personally (duh!), his family members should collect the award on his behalf. Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent / Two-Face very well too...i mean everyone in this movie played their role amazingly with the exception of Maggie Gyllenhaal who played Rachel Dawes. To me, her performance as Rachel Dawes was just so-so...maybe the role of Rachel Dawes in this installment of the Batman movies wasn't significant enough. Overall, this is a superb movie...and if you haven't watch it yet, get your ass to one of the cinemas near you to watch this movie...believe me and everyone else in the world, you won't regret it!!

After coming back from the cinema, i had a long chat with two of my new housemates during dinner of them is from Taiwan and the other is from China. Actually, there's another new girl from South Korea but she wasn't chatting with us at that time. My first impression of the guy from China was pretty bad...i didn't really like him on the first day he arrived here in UK because he didn't seem very friendly at first instance. However, after getting to know him a little bit more, i think he ain't that bad after all. His English sucks very badly but at least he's trying to improve on it. As for the Taiwanese guy, he seems pretty alright to me...quite friendly and talkative too. I didn't have much opportunity to talk with the girl from South Korea since she's always out from morning till evening...with the exception of the first day when she arrived here whereby we just introduced ourselves. Since most of my old housemates has already went back to their respective countries, i have no choice but to talk with my new housemates. They are so naive and don't know anything about the lifestyle, environment and culture in UK (just like me when i first arrived here last September)...thus, i had to explained some basic stuffs to them and that took plenty of time. It's always fun getting to know more friends, especially friends from all over the world...learning about the lifestyle, environment and culture of people from different places of the world is surely beneficial.

Anyway, I've been busy searching for rooms to move into when i come to KL in September...searching on the internet but could not find any as of now. Some places are either too far, too expensive, too horrifying, too small and et cetera. I wanna look for a room in a house or condominium which has an attached bathroom, an air-conditioner and it must be fully furnished...and it's better if the house or condominium is still new (built less than 5 years ago). Sigh...why must it be so difficult to find a room...if the rent for the whole house / condominium is cheap, then i don't mind renting the whole house / condominium (that's if my parents will actually allow). Decisions...decisions...decisions...why must life be full of decisions?? I hate making decisions, especially major decisions!! Anyway, i am counting down the days till the day i am going back to Malaysia...whee...i can't wait!! Will be leaving Newcastle on the 26th of August at 1.40pm...arriving Dubai at 12.05am the following day...wait at Dubai international airport for a total of 3 hours and 5 minutes before catching the plane back to Kuala Lumpur at 3.10am...arriving KLIA at 2.15pm on the same day and gotta wait there until 5.10pm for my flight back to Penang...arriving the beautiful island of Penang at 6pm. Upon arriving, my parents, my koh koh and maybe my 2nd aunt will be picking me up from the airport...immediately i will pester them to take me to Double Good restaurant to have Chu Char since i'm craving for it!! The second day will be spending the whole day bloating my stomach with delicious Penang food such as Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Laksa, Fried Oyster, Chendul and much much more...and eating good Penang food will be on my schedule for a long long time until i had enough of it...which i think i probably won't.. =) =) I can't believe i've already start making plans for my comeback...gosh, i am missing Penang so so much!! Until then, take care and have fun always!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~*The Best Vacation Ever (V)*~

After leaving Sorrento and Amalfi, the cruise continued its journey towards the next destination...which is Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, France. On this day, we decided not to follow the tour / excursion...simply because there is not much interesting places here in Ajaccio and it's possible for us to wander around the city centre all by ourselves. The only famous places here in Ajaccio is the beach (once again), Napoleon Bonaparte's statue (together with his four brothers), Casa di Napoleon (the house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born), the shopping area Maréchal-Joffre Place, which is the main square in Ajaccio. As usual, the colour of the sea water here is crystal clear and it's simply awesome!! Anyway, enjoy the pictures below:-

Two other ships docking at the harbour

Two other ships docking at the harbour (same as above)

Our cruise ship at the harbour

Maréchal-Joffre Place

The port (Part 1)

The port (Part 2)

The port (Part 3)

The port (Part 4)

The port (Part 5)

The port (Part 6)

The port (Part 7)

Casa di Napoleon (the house in which Napoleon Bonaparte was born)

The pictures shown below were taken at Ajaccio's beach...have a look at the two tone colour of the sea and turquoise!!

Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte with his four brothers

Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte with his four brothers (closer view)

The pictures shown below were taken along Ajaccio's seaside (something like Gurney Drive)...

Ajaccio's city centre...the main shopping street (Part 1)

Ajaccio's city centre...the main shopping street (Part 2)

The back view of the statue located in Maréchal-Joffre Place

The front view of the statue located in Maréchal-Joffre Place (Part 1)

The front view of the statue located in Maréchal-Joffre Place (Part 2)

Overlooking Ajaccio's port from across the street

Relatively, there's nothing much to see in Ajaccio...don't think i will be returning here again in the future. I didn't really enjoy this place that much except for the beautiful beach...apart from that, it's just alright and nothing spectacular. Oh yeah, i wanna take this opportunity to thank ITCH for designing a new banner for me...i love it so much!! I know you are very busy at the moment and yet you took the effort to design a new banner for me...i really appreciate it...THANK YOU VERY MUCH ITCH!!!